In addition to great checking and savings accounts and hassle-free loans, State Bank also offers a wide variety of other services to help make managing your money easier and more convenient. These services include:

State Bank EMV Chip Card

It's a check card and an ATM card all in one - now with enhanced chip techonology! EMV (Europay/MasterCard/Visa) Debit Cards contain an embedded microchip for a more secure transaction. Each time you use a chip card at a chip-enabled terminal, the transaction is unique - making it extremely difficult for the card to be copied or counterfeited. Chip cards also maintain the magnetic stripe for use at a card readers that are not chip-enabled. You can continue to swipe your card when making purchases at those terminals. For current customers, when your existing card is close to expiring, you will receive a new debit card with chip technology automatically.

To make a purchase at a chip-enabled terminal, please follow the instructions below:



Guard Your Card on the Web - Request a MasterCard Secure Code for safe online shopping here.

Safe Deposit Box Rentals

Store important documents, valuables, mementos and keepsakes for just pennies a day in a State Bank safe deposit box. Plus, when you open select State Bank accounts, you'll receive a coupon for a half-price safe deposit box rental for one year (see checking account information for more details!)

State Bank Visa® Credit Card  

This no annual fee credit card features a rewards program and zero liability protection from unauthorized purchases. See an account representative for more details.  For online access to your account, click here

Wire/ACH Transfers

Night Deposit Services

Overdraft Privilege Program*

Have you ever made a mistake or been caught a little short in your checking account? Now, State Bank may be able to help with their discretionary Overdraft Privilege Program. Overdraft Privilege could provide up to $500 in overdrafts, and may result in:

  • Fewer charges from retailers for insufficient checks
  • Additional convenience and flexibility in managing your funds
  • Less aggravation and embarrassment when you make a mistake or write a check for more than you have in your checking account

Of course, some restrictions do apply. Stop by your nearest State Bank location for more details and pick up an Overdraft Privilege policy for a full description of this convenient service we offer!

Click Here to learn more about the FDIC's Money Smart Adult Financial Education Program. This money management program addresses saving, budgeting, credit and more!

*$25 fee for all overdraft and return check charges except one time point-of-sale transactions and automated teller machine (ATM) withdrawals. Any and all overdrafts including overdraft charges and returned check charges are payable and due upon demand. Categories of transaction which may be presented for payment and be imposed a fee are transactions created by check, in-person withdrawals or certain electronic means. Whether the overdraft is paid is discretionary and we reserve the right not to pay an item. We typically do not pay overdrafts if your account is not in good standing and you are not making regular deposits to your account. You must bring your account to a positive balance (not overdrawn) at least once every thirty (30) days. If your account has the Overdraft Privilege Program available, you will have a maximum of $100.00 per day in Overdraft Charges at State Bank of Missouri and The State Bank. If your account has the Overdraft Privilege Program available, you will have a maximum of $150.00 per day in Overdraft Charges at Chillicothe State Bank.

Check Imaging

State Bank has the key to organization with check imaging! With check imaging, we utilize state-of-the-art technology to digitally photocopy the front and back of all your checks and deposits. We then store all these images on CD-ROM's for fast retrieval at your request. Each month, these images will be returned to you, in check number order, printed with the utmost clarity and quality. Here are some more exciting features of check imaging:

  • Clear & crisp images of checks and deposits
  • All pertinent information such as check number, date and amount are all printed clearly below each check image
  • Each check is sorted in check number order for faster reconciliation
  • CD-ROM's store your images for easy access, meaning our customer service team can access them quickly and mail, fax or securely e-mail them
  • Check images have been approved as an acceptable proof of payment by both the Internal Revenue Service as well as courts of law
  • Plus, many more!

Stop by your nearest State Bank location for more details about check imaging and for a full description of this convenient service.

VISA® Travel Cards     

The smart, secure way to travel away from home. Use it anywhere debit cards are accepted and its not tied to your bank account.

Visa Prepaid cards are issued by MetaBank, Member FDIC. Subject to identification verification.