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Laboratory advance provides view of early embryo development

NEW YORK (AP) — New lab techniques have provided the first good look at a crucial but mysterious stage in the development of human embryos, scientists reported Wednesday. The researchers said follow-up research might eventually lead to new treatments for infertility and perhaps new forms of birth control. The work extends the amount of embryonic development that can be observed in a ...

Sports Story of the Day

LeBron has thought about playoffs matchup with Wade, Heat

INDEPENDENCE, Ohio (AP) — LeBron James isn't looking too far forward in the NBA playoffs. He's taken a peek, however. James has considered the possibility of playing the Miami Heat — his former team and good friend Dwyane Wade — in the next round, a dramatic matchup that already has fans salivating at its potential. If Cleveland can advance past Atlanta, and if Miami takes care of Toronto, it ...


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